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Agency Social & Production Design

Allen & Gerritsen, "A&G," is a fully integrated advertising agency specializing in communications, CX, public relations, media and analytics — driven by the desire to help brands do better, be better and show up in ways that make lives better. If you're looking for a great ad agency to help with your campaigns, check out Allen and Gerritsen in Boston and Philadelphia!


Though my role was centered on production design for client projects, I also made some of the agency's own social media graphics, and helped art direct some of these posts done by the talented A&G Summer 2022 interns. 


Additionally, I compiled an internal deck celebrating Women's History Month by utilizing surveyed responses and research and presented it to the whole company.

Primary software: Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Google Slides

Social Media Graphics

Production Design

Presentation Design

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