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Logo Design (+ more to come in 2024)

Hypermobility HQ is an online platform supporting people in the hEDS and hypermobility communities, with a brand refresh and a brand new website launching in February 2024. As someone with hypermobility, a condition affecting connective tissue, this logo design project was especially meaningful to me and it's been so rewarding to see this brand come to life on social channels already.

When working with Alex, we dove deep into her brand's mission and ethos, discussed long and short-term goals, and worked together to create a brand language that was both reflective and compassionate towards the audience. I love how positive and educational her content is, and am proud of the amazing impact she is having on the community already.


Important factors when designing included making the brand feel welcoming and safe, healthcare-centered, confident, fun, and poised. The logo was designed to be aesthetically pleasing and dynamic while also being very readable. The full lockup has the brand's tagline, and adding the headquarter's location was important as well. We also wanted to bring in elements reflective of the mobility that comes with the condition. More to come!

Primary software: Adobe Illustrator, Google Slides

Logo Design


Presentation Design

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