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First: A Branding Intervention

Shortly prior to my joining, Mother Dirt went through a rebrand that leaned into using very vibrant, loud colors and indoor imagery. It didn't exactly scream natural or earthy.


By the time the company dissolved at the end of 2021, we were adjusting this visual brand to include significantly more earthy elements that spoke more to who the company was at its core, which helped relate the product offerings a bit better to our customers.


One way I helped facilitate this was by creating a brainstorm deck that was presented to leadership at SCJ, where I argued the case for utilizing nature a lot more within our visual system (and using WAY less purple).

Print, Digital, Packaging Design

Mother Dirt was a skincare company owned by SC Johnson that dissolved in Winter 2022. Their mission was to restore the skin microbiome, to help reveal the most biologically balanced and vibrant skin.


My role as their sole graphic designer was to update website graphics, create emails and design and concept social media posts. I also updated product labels and the packaging used to ship the skincare line.

Primary software: Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop

Digital Asset Creation

Packaging Design

Branding & Identity Design

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