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Event Photography

On October 1st, 2023, more than 1,000 people gathered at Cochituate Fields in Wayland, MA for Celebrate with Heart. Meant as a thank you from the Norton Family and the EJN Foundation for all the incredible support they received over the past year, kids and adults of all ages bounced, sang, played, and competed together.  


It was a beautiful day, run by an army of volunteers, High School students, sports teams, and local businesses came together to celebrate. We were honored to be joined by Mikey V from KISS 108 who volunteered his time, energy and enthusiasm to get the crowd going. 


“Eliza would have loved this day. Eliza's Celebrate with Heart was a thank you from our family to you for the endless support we have received this past year. It is also a reminder of who you and we are as a community. The gift Eliza gave us, was all of you.”  - Mark Norton, Co-Chair, EJN Foundation.


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